LEPA Productions can provide live sound reinforcement, live lighting production, mobile and panel type stage; installation of sound, lighting, video, acoustic treatments and more...


This is the service that LEPA Productions has been offering for the longest. We have both line array and ground stack systems, along with monitoring systems to meet all of your needs. Renting of digital console systems, and other components is available.


In addtion to our equipment we also have highly trained and experienced staff who can help you with your event, even if you don't require the equipment.


We currently offer systems that able to meet up to 10,000 people in an outdoor concert setting.


Our newest service offered is lighting. LEPA Productions can provide up to 90k in lighting for small to medium events.


Our lighting system consists of lights that are on the cutting edge of technology and capability, making sure you get the best production possible.



We have been installing audio, lighting, video and much more for nearly as long we have been doing live sound.


We have installed all kinds of systems in gymnasiums, Houses of Worship, auditoriums, arenas, theatres and more.


We can install systems in pre-existing buildings or work with you from the ground up and help you optomize your space for sound.


We can also help you refurbish your old systems and get them running at their best.



LEPA Productions can now offer both panel type and mobile stages. Panel type is cost effective and extremely versitile in application. Mobile stages, while more costly, represent the ultimate in ease of setup and built in features.


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