Levi Parker - CEO


Levi has been working around the audio industry since he was 10. He grew up in coffeehouses, churches, outdoor concerts and regional tours. At age 14 he was called onstage by then popular Christian artist Darrell Evans; Evans proceeded to tell a packed house that Levi had provided the best monitor mix he had ever had, ever. It was at this moment that Levi realized he wanted to be in audio for the rest of his life.
   Plans change, as they always do, and at 18 Levi took a job with a technology company. It was at this job that Levi learned about leadership, teamwork, professionlism, and what it takes to be the best at what you do.
   In 2010 Levi re-joined LEPAudio as a monitor technician and has continued his quest to sharpen his skills to a fine edge.
   In 2014 Levi assumed leadership of LEPAudio. As CEO his first order was to create a cohesive team from the men that have been with LEPAudio throughout the years. It is Levi's goal to work with this team to make LEPAudio a force to be reckoned within the production industry in the south-central US over the next few years.

Everett Pickens - Director of HR


Everett Pickens was born just outside the small town of Tupelo, Oklahoma. Raised by his parents Robert and Sharon on their family ranch, where he learned the meaning of hard work, dedication, and honesty.

   Dedicating his early life to academia and sports. It wasn't until college that he fell in love with and and came to understand the power of music. "My parents bought me my first guitar, a fender stratocaster. That day a whole new world opened up, the world of music." Everett started playing in the church band, later touring around Oklahoma playing for youth camps and churches.

   It wasn't until he met Mark and Levi Parker that he would come to understand his true passion of being a sound engineer. Everett fit right in with the Parker's passion and commitment for perfection in the music industry and hunger to bring LEPAudio to new height in Oklahoma and the Nation. Everett has worked with Lepaudio for the last five years. "I'm always amazed at the life God has given me, amazing family, great music, and the passion to always say: what's next." 


Everetts many years of Human Resources experience working in his own family's business makes him a valuable asset as LEPAudio continues to grow.

Mark Parker - Founder


Mark founded LEPAudio. Mark toured with top 40's rock bands in the late seventies, all around the north eastern US. This early exposure to the music culture solidfied Mark's resolve to always have music and sound in his life.

   In 1992, having been self-employed for some years, Mark decided that starting a sound company was the right choice for him. Ever since, LEPAudio has been dedicated to serving its customers at a level not generally seen in the production industry.
   It is Mark's dedication to his love of sound and his relationships with customers that has made LEPAudio what it all ready is, and will carry us into the future.
   Mark's incredible amount of knowledge and skill with sound has taught all of the LEPAudio team most of what they know. it's been said that "If it weren't for Mark Parker, none of us would be talking about doing any of this anyway."


Mark will continue to serve as a mentor and inspiration to all of us as we continue our journey in sound.

Derek Shaw - COO


Derek has pretty much been with LEPAudio since the beginning. Derek started in car audio when he was young which sparked his love of sound. Over the next 20 years Derek honed his skills all while creating a sucessful personal business. Derek is the one of the most experienced team members in the House of Worship live sound industry.
   His demand for high quality work, customer satisfaction, and great sound makes him a superb asset to LEPAudio.

James Purdy - Sales Manager


James started playing music at a very early age.  He started studying piano and many more instruments starting around the age of 8.  In 1999, James started travelling and playing professionally as a drummer.  Since then, he has played with many different bands and had great success as a professional musician.

In 2001 James joined the LEPAudio team. He quickly applied the same passion for music to sound. As Manager of Sales for LEPAudio, James continues to travel the region applying his talents as a musician, all the while working to bring the LEPAudio name to new venues across the southern United States.